Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Quest for a seat 3 fo 3

 So this one was a long shot.  13" wide bottom, adjustable rear support.  I thought maybe if my lumbar would have some support then my coccyx wouldn't be taking all the pressure. 

This seat came with no shock, springs, and almost no gel.  When I had the seat mounted, I couldn't mount the bike as per normal.  I swing a leg over the back side and go.  This seat sat high enough to stop me from doing that, which made this seat the biggest failure of my ideas yet.

The seat also sits much more forward, so even with the seat post at the most end position, the seat was still feeling like it was forward. 

So the bike seat quest continues...

Monday, 22 August 2016

Quest for a seat 2 fo 3

I decided next to go unconventional.  This had some promise with no nose (don't think about going hands free with out that nose cone).  This was a hard plastic with no gel, split seat and hard metal with a single "shock" on the back to help with the bonce.
I really, REALLY, wanted this one to be awesome. I tried this one on and off, when ever I felt more adventurous I would try this again... and again and it's a crazy feeling, as if your just sitting on a bar.  I'm sure there is some magical angel that I need this to be at that makes it comfortable but this didn't do it for me..

Friday, 19 August 2016

Quest for a seat 1 fo 3

I've accidently moved into a weird quest for a comfortable seat.  I sit upright and rider for more than 1hr at a time.  So when I get off I can feel my Coccyx (tail bone) aching.  If I can ditch that feeling, I could ride for hours with no issue.

First seat, had a wide 12" rear with tons of gel.  Had to rear springs on the back for a little more bounce but damn, it hurt still. So I decided that I needed to find a seat that was split into two, giving my tailbone somewhere to fall with out pressure being pushed onto it.

The seat didn't do it for me.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Summer Joy!

I've been driving like crazy on my bike this summer and man I have been enjoying my ride more than ever.  I'm still doing 25km twice daily and the other day I was able to complete that with in 36min!  Which is insane... and I was pushing my fat bike almost at a constant 30km non-stop.

I've made some modifications to the bike:
  • Bigger peddle sprocket.  Went from 22 tooth to 26, doesn't seem like much however it made my ride faster and harder. 
  • I've tried a few different saddles.. some traditional and some not so much.  I plan on writing that up.. 
  • Put in some nice peddles that are smooth and have replaceable bearing
  • Made a useful modification to the Dave's mud shovel
In the mean time, I'm biking daily in this 30+ heat and won't stop...

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Large wheel parking

Issue I have with riding a fat bike as a commuting bike, is parking the beast.  

Almost no bike rack can hold it, unless I park beside the rack.  I found this spot be a perfect spot and at the same time, make me laugh.

At the time same I would also mention that I moved the controller again, this time from the middle to the front bag (yes, this makes the front bag near useless now but it's cleaner looking). And I replaced the rear rack with one that doesn't hold onto the seat post.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Full on!

With all the ice, I've only been able to commute half way of my normal route but today I did the entire ride. 1hr 35min bike ride and I made it from home to work with minimal ice.  With in a weeks time I think all the ice will be off the bike paths.. until then, it's slow and steady.

End of last year: 25km 48min
Today: 25km 1hr 35min

I have some time to make up.  It's never been about speed for me but almost double the time is pretty bad. But by the time I got to work, I was tired!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Time to get serious

I'm rather upset with myself, as this winter I wasn't nearly as productive has I had hopped. 

To much ice on the ground, which leads to unpredictable movements.  Snow, 1 feet deep.. No issue! 1 square inch of ice on the ground, boom.. I can slide out!

So now that spring is almost here, I've decided for the next month I'm going to be taking a different approach with my habits and removing the thought of eating out of my mind all together.  This is just going to be for a month long.

I'm doing a full month long Soylent 2.0 meal replacement.  Starting March 17th, as the products should be coming in only today.


  • 1 before leaving the house
  • 1 after I get to work
  • 1 at lunch
  • 1 before I go home 
  • And have a normal dinner at home.
Currently back up to 315lbs (I gained 15lbs since December! 5lbs per month..)

Each bottle is 400cal, my size requires 3000-2500 per day.  So in drinks alone, it's 1600 cal, leaving me with 1500cal for dinner.  I'm not going to go crazy and count every cal but it's something to keep in mind as I do this.