Monday, 5 September 2016

Bike by the numbers

I get asked at times how much it cost me to put this bike together and I really don't think of it that way at all.  I think of it as a work in progress.  I've learned alot of the years driving this beast.  I'm going to attempt to break down the bike in it's add-ons.

  1. USB Rechargeable 550 lumin light, $100
  2. Bag and controller, bag $45, controller $45
  3. Long/Wide Ulock $150
  4. Side front fork bag $45
  5. Front motor $250
  6. Daves mudshovel $20
  7. Large tooth crank (replaced the default Norco one) $200
  8. Blinking lights $5x2 (One on each side)
  9. Rear bag $40, battery inside $500
  10. Rear rack $50
  11. After marked kick stand $25
  12. Norco bike $1000
  13. Seat $100
  14. Big claw pedals $50
Skipping the gas station while on a 60km bike ride.
So in total, I've easily spent 2600 on this bike and really, compared to many other people with bikes, I know.. I spent next to nothing.  

I use this bike as a daily commuter, getting exercise and not having to waste time in a gym.  I'm well ahead of the game.  

I save on parking, gas, insurance, car maintenance and over all peace of mind.  If I would do it all over again, I would do the exact same. No regrets!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Winter is coming... Wind Deflector for hands

I've been looking for something to block the wind from my hands that can attach to my handle bars.  I think I found something that will work for me at a motor cycle shop.  I haven't mounted them yet but this maybe the exact addition I need to my heated gloves.

I tried a pair of pogies but I couldn't stand it.  I have some black calking, so I may just plug up those holes shown.

  1. I couldn't see my gauges, break handles, etc.
  2. I couldn't release from my handle bars quickly, which in an emergency could lead to more risk than it's worth.
  3. Looks ridiculous. Normally I don't care about how I look but I had to draw the line somewhere.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Winter is coming..Studded Tires

I've had my eye's on some studded tires for a while now.  Last winter, there was a huge thaw and then it all froze, creating a skating rink under all the snow.  Being a utility fat bike rider, this caused me to stop riding for a few weeks and I kept wiping out on the ice.  On a Facebook group, I asked what people thought of the studded tires and found someone who just upgraded from Dillinger 4 to 5's and luck would have it, they had not sold their Dillinger 4!  So I now have what I think might be my best option for riding this winter.

I am actually a bit excited about winter coming now..  but I'm hoping I don't have to pop these on until late December.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Quest for a seat 3 fo 3

 So this one was a long shot.  13" wide bottom, adjustable rear support.  I thought maybe if my lumbar would have some support then my coccyx wouldn't be taking all the pressure. 

This seat came with no shock, springs, and almost no gel.  When I had the seat mounted, I couldn't mount the bike as per normal.  I swing a leg over the back side and go.  This seat sat high enough to stop me from doing that, which made this seat the biggest failure of my ideas yet.

The seat also sits much more forward, so even with the seat post at the most end position, the seat was still feeling like it was forward. 

So the bike seat quest continues...

Monday, 22 August 2016

Quest for a seat 2 fo 3

I decided next to go unconventional.  This had some promise with no nose (don't think about going hands free with out that nose cone).  This was a hard plastic with no gel, split seat and hard metal with a single "shock" on the back to help with the bonce.
I really, REALLY, wanted this one to be awesome. I tried this one on and off, when ever I felt more adventurous I would try this again... and again and it's a crazy feeling, as if your just sitting on a bar.  I'm sure there is some magical angel that I need this to be at that makes it comfortable but this didn't do it for me..

Friday, 19 August 2016

Quest for a seat 1 fo 3

I've accidently moved into a weird quest for a comfortable seat.  I sit upright and rider for more than 1hr at a time.  So when I get off I can feel my Coccyx (tail bone) aching.  If I can ditch that feeling, I could ride for hours with no issue.

First seat, had a wide 12" rear with tons of gel.  Had to rear springs on the back for a little more bounce but damn, it hurt still. So I decided that I needed to find a seat that was split into two, giving my tailbone somewhere to fall with out pressure being pushed onto it.

The seat didn't do it for me.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Summer Joy!

I've been driving like crazy on my bike this summer and man I have been enjoying my ride more than ever.  I'm still doing 25km twice daily and the other day I was able to complete that with in 36min!  Which is insane... and I was pushing my fat bike almost at a constant 30km non-stop.

I've made some modifications to the bike:
  • Bigger peddle sprocket.  Went from 22 tooth to 26, doesn't seem like much however it made my ride faster and harder. 
  • I've tried a few different saddles.. some traditional and some not so much.  I plan on writing that up.. 
  • Put in some nice peddles that are smooth and have replaceable bearing
  • Made a useful modification to the Dave's mud shovel
In the mean time, I'm biking daily in this 30+ heat and won't stop...