Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Can't breath

Sometimes the days are -25 and I can't breath.  I picked up this mask, I thought it would be amazing.  Covers my nose but allows me to breath with all the mesh holes.

After trying it out, 5min into biking I couldn't breath!  I was gasping for air and I felt almost like fainting.  My conclusion is, my head was just to darn big for this XL mask.  Now to find someone with a smaller head to give it to.

Now I am just using two buffs.  One for my neck/lower part of my face and the other to cover the top of my head.  It works much better and way easier to adjust.

I also do have another mask that I have used, where I have a snorkel mouth piece attached to the front of the mask, allowing me to breath but that's for -30!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Feb 2017 bike

I've changed a lot of things in the last little while. First, I changed the entire front motor.  I got hit slightly, I didn't get hurt, heck I didn't even fall off the bike but after trying to take off again, my motor gave up, found a nice dent in the motor which now, is cooked!

So I purchased a kit from goldenmotor.ca, front motor already on the rim.  Lot more expensive but it saved me a lot of hassle and I got the motor with in 2 days of ordering it, which means I got back on the bike a whole lot faster than I thought.

At the same time, I pulled off the wind guards, they did nothing!  In fact, I would say they caused more wind to build up behind the guards.  I also added a second mirror, one on the right and one on the left.  Right side is just a nice to have and pushed up my mudguard way up.

So this is the bike as of today.  I hope to stop pouring money into this soon.  As I really like this configuration and now I just need to keep myself going.

Monday, 6 February 2017


The ice has been bad this year and I decided to finally install my studded tires.  I have to admit that I put them on, facing the wrong direction the first time... Felt like an idiot.  Anyways, they are on the right way.  Dillinger 4s and damn, I am gripping onto ice as if I was on dry pavement.  
This doesn't help with slushy snow.

The hum off the tires, is a very gripping sound when on pavement.  Almost like it's sticking rubber and peeling.

I keep these around 15psi instead of my normal 30psi, giving it a bit of a bloat at the bottom.

Saturday, 4 February 2017


I can't tell you how many USB rechargeable front lights I have gone through in the last 2 years.  Either they

  •  Fell off and I didn't notice;
  • I misplaced it;
  • Batteries won't charge;
  • Bulb burned out;
  • Broke the USB port, etc..
But this one is 1000 lumin and I decided to try something a little different.  I took handle bar extensions and reversed it and placed it in the middle.  Now my light is over my front bag, easy to see/control and isn't in the way.  Why didn't I think of this sooner!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

So I decided I would try some wind guards, to help me deflect some of the wind off my hands and not to tempt me to go to pogies.  I have a pair of pogies and I really can't stand them, I can't see my handle bards, grips, gears or breaks.  

I picked these up online for about $10, which is much cheaper than $75 from a motor bike store.  I like the idea but it really makes the bicycle look more like a motor bike, than I want it to.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

XT60 Connectors

 One thing I have learned from e-biking all year round, is that not all connectors are made equally and many people want to have their own type of connectors.  When ever I get a replacement part, one of things I do is cut off the proprietary connector and replace it with XT60 connectors.  Makes life easier and these little suckers also stop shorts from being generated.

I was a fan of Anderson connectors but they aren't that easy to find.  Most hobby shops carry these and ordering them online is even cheaper.

The cable shown on the left is, a male XT60 connector with shrink tube around it, with a extra layer of black gorilla tape for extra weather protection.  Winter is murder if you don't take these per cautions.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Bike by the numbers

I get asked at times how much it cost me to put this bike together and I really don't think of it that way at all.  I think of it as a work in progress.  I've learned alot of the years driving this beast.  I'm going to attempt to break down the bike in it's add-ons.

  1. USB Rechargeable 550 lumin light, $100
  2. Bag and controller, bag $45, controller $45
  3. Long/Wide Ulock $150
  4. Side front fork bag $45
  5. Front motor $250
  6. Daves mudshovel $20
  7. Large tooth crank (replaced the default Norco one) $200
  8. Blinking lights $5x2 (One on each side)
  9. Rear bag $40, battery inside $500
  10. Rear rack $50
  11. After marked kick stand $25
  12. Norco bike $1000
  13. Seat $100
  14. Big claw pedals $50
Skipping the gas station while on a 60km bike ride.
So in total, I've easily spent 2600 on this bike and really, compared to many other people with bikes, I know.. I spent next to nothing.  

I use this bike as a daily commuter, getting exercise and not having to waste time in a gym.  I'm well ahead of the game.  

I save on parking, gas, insurance, car maintenance and over all peace of mind.  If I would do it all over again, I would do the exact same. No regrets!